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Adventure · When the hospital she works at is transported to the moon, medical student Martha Jones joins forces with The Doctor to hunt down an alien fugitive. Action · A woman Marine first lieutenant, born in Kuwait, who has served in intelligence, returns from Iraq and turns up dead in a motel room in a small town. Crime · The team travels to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where women are being abducted, burned and mutilated. Soon it turns out that similar killings happened. Comedy · Valerie hires a private detective to spy on Nancy; after seeing Nancy and Sullivan together, Celia is determined to find out about "Aguatecture"; Doug.

Главная Новости Форум Правообладателям Регистрация Обзор f.a.q. Drama · In 1950, Harvard and Yale friends Jack McCauliffe, Leo Kritzky and Yevgeny Tsipin decide to join the hottest 'game' of their age: Cold War espionage.

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