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Foot of the Mountain / Подножие горы · What There Is / То, что есть · Riding the Crest / На гребне волны · The Bandstand / Эстрада · The Summers of our. The video was directed by Steve Barron in Couches, Burgundy, France. The theme of the video was taken from the fable The Boy. Sep 15, 2015 But Jeff Ayeroff at Warners liked it and put up the team for the video, which was what got things really moving. It was a steady climb, getting. Of the mountain (A-ha) Текст и перевод песни Слушать онлайн Видео- клипы Lyrsense. Подножье горы Но мы могли бы жить у подножья горы.

The music video was directed by Candice Reckinger and Michael Patterson. The video concept was designed by the same.

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